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Eye-bag and Eyelid Rejuvenation

“Plasma Therapy” The New concept of Eye Lifting

Non-invasive Micro-surgery approach provides effective and gentle treatment on these delicate skin areas

Unhappy with the skin around your eyes? Baggy lower eyelids, droopy upper eyelid skin?

Our eyes are an important feature of our face and can tell many things about us, droopy and/or baggy upper and lower eyelids can age our face – often prematurely. In the past the only method to effectively treat this was surgery (known as Surgical Blepharoplasty)

Before & After Plasma Results - All photos completely unretouched.


3 months post treatment

"Plasma Therapy – How does it work"

The Plasma equipment is designed to generate Plasma energy through an electric discharge that starts when the accurate tip is close to the skin, but never actually touching it. This process heats the skin and creates increased collagen formation at that point. The skin due to the extra collagen development contracts over time, restoring the tightness and tautness to the targeted area (above and below the eye area). The resulting tissue retraction and tightening smooths out the skin, reducing the excess skin, fine lines, wrinkles for a smoother, healthier and more youthful appearance

Before & After Plasma Results - All photos completely unretouched.

Before Treatment

30 days post treatment


We start as always with a full consultation appointment to ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of the treatment and outcomes. This will be around 30 minutes and allows you the opportunity to ask and discuss any questions you may have. From this appointment and after your consideration time, we can set your treatment appointment time.


Your treatment appointment/s will be approximately 30-60 minutes per treatment session. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area in preparation for treatment. During the treatment you may feel a  warming and stinging sensation in the treated areas. Before and after photographs will be taken of the area being treated.

Before & After Plasma Results - All photos completely unretouched.


3 months post treatment


If either just upper eye area or just lower eye area is being treated, the treatment may be completed in one session, this will depend upon a number of factors and your physician will discuss this with you although it could be up to 2-3 treatment sessions to get the desired outcome. If both upper and lower eye areas are required to be treated, it is very likely this will need to be covered over 2-3 sessions, again your physician will advise the optimum number of treatments for you.


You will NOT see immediate results. The earliest you will see results is approximately 7 days after the treatment and the treated areas will continue to improve for 3 months following your Plasmage treatment – so please be patient and this one of the reasons photographs are taken prior to treatment and at varying stages to monitor the outcome effectively.


The results will last up to 2 years. After this period the Plasma treatment can simply be repeated if desired.


You will need to keep the treated area clean. You will be recommended an aftercare programme to be followed for approximately 7 -10 days. The aftercare programme is very important to promote healing and optimise your treatment results. You will also need to protect your eye area from sun exposure until all of the redness has settled down post your treatment. Your physician will take you through this in detail.


Majority of patients can carry on their normal daily activities directly following the procedure. Although there can be minor discomfort for up to 7 days along with brown marks that have the appearance of scabbing, after around 5 days these will fall off revealing new skin beneath, some swelling may also be seen. A follow up appointment will also be booked approximately 1-2 weeks following the procedure.

Note: Actual treatment results will be variable from patient to patient

What people say about us and our treatments

“I had my first visit to the Henley Clinic about 2 years ago, I am extremely happy with my treatments of CACI and Hydradermie. I also had Ultherapy under eye treatment about 6 months ago to eliminate those unsightly under eye lines and thrilled with the results. The specialist Sarah who treated me was lovely and explained the procedure in depth and what I could expect.The therapists and reception ladies are very friendly, professional and very helpful. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.” Samantha *

* Note: Actual treatment results will be variable from patient to patient

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