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Manicures & Pedicures

Nail treatments at Henley Clinic

The ultimate in nail care, our nail cultivation system includes a unique nail diagnosis and prescription which recommends specific products to give you long lasting and effective results.


Includes reshaping of the nails, cuticle tidying, hand massage and polish.

Ultimate Manicure

A luxurious and effective manicure, including nail diagnosis and application of recommended treatments following reshaping of the nails, cuticle tidying and a hand massage using soothing thermal gloves prior to the application of your selected polish.


A pedicure which includes nail reshaping, cuticle tidying and a massage leaving your feet refreshed and toe nails polished.

Ultimate Pedicure

A luxurious and indulgent treatment combining aromatherapy with a perfect pedicure, incorporating an invigorating herbal, menthol mask to refresh and soothing thermal booties for deeper absorption of oils and creams, leaving your feet soft, smooth and toes perfectly polished.

Please see our treatment times below

Gelish (3 week manicure)
Hands 45 minutes
Feet 45 minutes
Manicure Shape and Paint 20 minutes
Manicure 45 minutes
French Manicure 45 minutes
Ultimate Manicure 60 minutes
Pedicure Shape and Paint 20 minutes
Pedicure 60 minutes
French Pedicure 60 minutes
Ultimate Pedicure 75 minutes

Note: Actual treatment results will be variable from patient to patient


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What people say about us and our treatments

“I had my first visit to the Henley Clinic about 2 years ago, I am extremely happy with my treatments of CACI and Hydradermie. I also had Ultherapy under eye treatment about 6 months ago to eliminate those unsightly under eye lines and thrilled with the results. The specialist Sarah who treated me was lovely and explained the procedure in depth and what I could expect.The therapists and reception ladies are very friendly, professional and very helpful. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.” Samantha *

* Note: Actual treatment results will be variable from patient to patient

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